Sunday, January 16, 2011

Korean Food @ 2D1N Soju Bang

It seems that Tanjong Pagar is going to be the 'makan' hub for South Korean food! With a population numbering only 15,000 (roughly) in Singapore, it's no doubt that Kpop plays a damn important role in the unblockable wave of anything Korean.

2D1N Soju Bang may be considered as pop-style amongst South Korean restaurants (heard that from a fellow colleague who is a South Korean) but its authenticity seems to be unquestioned when i saw quite a few Koreans entering the restaurant for dinner.

With no intention for its popular meat buffet, the Gang of Four (Vannie especially since it's her official birthday meal) decided on ordering ala-carte.

Side Dishes
Looking forward to a large variety of side dishes every time i am in a Korean restaurant (thanks to Ju Shin Jung for instilling such an expectation), the five sides we had in 2D1N were initially thought to be too little.

Well, side dishes are only meant as complementaries and i have to admit that the caramelised sweet potatoes sprinkled with fragrant sesame seeds were so good, i cannot resist having seconds!

Spring Onion Pancake
When i first laid my eyes on this dish, i thought it looked almost like the unforgettable seafood omelette from Changi Village!

No heavy trace of egg though.

Mr Kon found this to be relatively bland although my elderly view was that this was simply just nice with spring onions contributing to the main flavour.

The blandness can be arrested by this sauce, which was too salty in my opinion!

BBQ Seasoned Ribs
The name suggests ribs which i assumed to have bones. For humans who prefer to have a mouthful bite, this is the dish for you!

Painstakingly sliced from the boney ribs, the well marinated pork was good on its own. However, the sesame seeds proved to be a perfect idea as we were totally hooked on this dish. Until the tenderised meat slowly hardened up with each passing minute.

I love picking up the remnants that served as the bed of flavour infusion for the meat. How can anyone resist onions???

Bulgogi with Octopus Hot Pot
Bulgogi didn't register in my brain and i expected a seafood hotpot. It's not as it's a big pan of beef stew with a generous amount of octopus, beef, vegetables and glass noodles!

This sweet and spicy broth had an obvious hint of rich pumpkin and proved delicious to my taste buds.

The bulgogi (beef) was tooooo tough! It was a torture to chew them after a while!

BBQ Chicken
Served with tapoki (Korean's new year rice cakes), the serving was again too big!!! I have a health check in a week's time and i can imagine how this dish (or this meal) can affect the health statistics... negatively!!

By this time, the spiciness had already gotten to me and it's not helpful that this BBQ chicken was spicy too! I had tapoki from Bugis Junction a year ago and had never touched it since, due to the high chilli level that is just not agreeable with my system!

I bet an elaboration and evidence of how unagreeable my system is, will not be welcomed.


Overall, the gang of four generally likes what we had in 2 Days 1 Night Soju Bang. My sisters and mom will most likely enjoy this place!

Time to plan for a family session!  

44/46 Tanjong Pagar Road
Valet parking is available at no additional charge.

(Please call 6227-6033 for more information)

Spring Onion Pancake - S$15.00
BBQ Seasoned Ribs - S$20.00
Bulgogi with Octopus Hot Pot - S$35.00
BBQ Chicken - S$25.00

Subject to Service Charge only! Side dishes and plain water are refillable while plain rice is chargeable at S$2.00 per bowl.

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