Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ - Fulfillment (AGAIN)

Once again, the gang of four was at Ju Shin Jung BBQ restaurant (my fourth time in year 2010) yesterday for the rat's (Alex) birthday.

Like me, he relishes the food, the good mixture of both unhealthy (BBQ) & healthy (loads of vegetables) chow and the fabulous service.

Since i blogged about this before (HERE), i am not going to write too much this time. However, i am going to bombard you with loads of pictures (consolidation of two visits)!

The table full of makan!! And not all the dishes were on it!

Seriously, just eating the side dishes was enough to fill my stomach!

The highly acclaimed Korean Seafood Pancake! Remember it as a very nice seafood okonomiyaki in its natural form (without the sauces).

Kimchi Pancake! Though the seafood pancake is more popular, i prefer this for its authentic Korean flavour.

A closer look of the kimchi pancake. Extremely appetising!!

Seafood and Soya Bean Paste Soup. The soup was so deliciously light and the prawn i ate was full of freshness and sweetness! Vannie didn't like it though.


Kids having fun in the restaurant's kiddie area. I wanted to join them but the adult me deterred me from removing my shoes!! 


There are quite a few seating arrangements. Besides the normal type, here's a more traditional type.

This is one of the private rooms in the restaurant. If you are wearing shoes and you know that your feet smell, please be considerate okay!! hahaha.

Heart the rice tea!!! A finale that concluded a fabulous meal!

Service in Ju Shin Jung has always been good (except for once) but this round (as in yesterday), it was impeccable! The manager, Donald, realised we adored the rice tea so much, he gave each of us a FULL CUP OF goodness!

Look at the difference!!

We eventually decided to have two cups to be shared amongst the four of us.

The Process (for the well marinated meat)

Mouth Watering!!

Now some MAGIC!

What do you think this is? Pills? Sweets?

Due to Van's magical powers, the mysterious item transformed!


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