Saturday, September 25, 2010

Salad Bar (Buffet) @ Sizzler

Reading through the numerous posts in my blog, it's not difficult to deduce i am a meat eater.

Cons of being a more carnivorous human include having a very high fat intake and a cholesterol level that medical doctors will shake their heads to.

Taking the above as a considering factor, my sisters decided to have salad buffet at Sizzler, an old time steak restaurant way before Aston's Specialties!

At S$19.99 per pax, my personal take is it's too pricey for vegetables!! I could have a hearty meal at Ippudo or Aston's with that price!

Things were definitely not as simple as just plain old vegetables!

Of course we had the standardised fare like the above.

Two types of soup were also available and you could put in as many saltish crackers, croutons etc you like! The cream of mushroom was decidedly better than most buffet restaurants.

Fresh fruits are a must for the health fanatics and knowing that the health fanatics will mix with the not-so-health-conscious humans, fruits jelly were offered as an alternative.

In line with the healthy tagline, the yogurt ice cream is 97% fat free! To make the sour taste more palatable, you have the free hand to add in rainbow sprinklers, caramel syrup, peanut bits, chocolate sauce etc!

Spaghetti?!?! A carbo laden product!? Rest assured no meat was used to present this dish! To lessen the guilt factor, healthy dressing like olive was available for use.

Awww, so sweet of them right?


Suntec City Tower 2

S$19.99 per pax
Subject to GST and Service Charge

Additional Information
S$19.99 per pax is expensive for a salad buffet but please do note that most of the main dishes come with a complimentary salad bar buffet.

Steak from Aston's Specialties
Hence, you could top up a few dollars for a main course like ribeye steak and you could get the salad buffet free!

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