Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ippudo Ramen (一风堂日本拉面) @ Mandarin Gallery

*Cavin pushes away Ajisen Ramen*

No more no more no more!!
For Japanese ramen, it must be Ippudo at Mandarin Gallery (Orchard Road)!

Thanks to outstanding foodies (again), Mr Kon and Ms SaNeVa, we finally had a chance to dine at this supposedly world renowned ramen restaurant, in operation here in Singapore since December 2009.

The three unforgettable things about their ramen

1) Soup
The end result of over 20 hours of cooking pork bones, the broth had a rich, creamy texture with an aroma that was both light and delicious at the same time.

2) Noodles
Kaoz, the only ramen restaurant in Singapore with its own factory for producing noodles leh!! Though the noodles differ according to the ramen you order, the one i had (for Akamaru Modern) was very 'unique'. The thin noodles (machiam like mee-kia) were very Q and gelled perfectly with the delectable soup!

3) Meat, namely Chashu (Pork Loin) and Buta Bara (Pork Belly)
It's been a long time since i had such tender meat! The pork was "smoked" until the taste had reached its optimal level. I would have been more than happy to consume my mom's share if not for my....... cholesterol. *sad face*

A look at the ramen we had.

Shiromaru Classic with Chashu
The original recipe with a very light soup that should be acceptable for the older generation.

Akamaru Modern with Chashu
With a specially blended miso paste, it was stronger in flavour compared to the Shiromaru Classic.

Miso Tonkontsu
One weird thing about this ramen. The soup tasted as if a suckling pig was boiled in it! Extremely delicious!

A few side dishes were ordered too!

Pork Buns
Like the "kong ba pau", this dish used steamed until soft buns, braised pork and some mayo like sauce!

I was wondering how good can it be, compared to my favourite at "West Lake"! And not very big also.......

Long accustomed to the "West Lake" version, i was surprised that Ippudo's one was an edge better! True, the sauce was not as generous but then the winner had to be the pork, which was again, braised to perfection!

Yummy but petite to the extent i can hold all six pieces in my mouth. Don't believe? Let's have a bet!!

Rare Cheesecake
Assumption of rarity for cheesecakes might bring into picture some pungent cheese that hovered around a combination of vomit and shit. Fortunately, this assumption was wrong here.

The cheesecake had a jelly like texture with no biscuit base and was more sourish compared to others. Truly authentic for a CHEESEcake but i could not help comparing it to almond jelly.

I prefer almond jelly.


Shiromaru Classic with Chashu - $18.00
Akamaru Modern with Chashu - $18.00
Miso Tonkontsu  - $17.00
Pork Bun - $3.00 for one (we had 3)
Gyoza - $6.00 a plate
Rare Cheesecake - $7.00 a piece

Please add 10% service charge and 7% GST.
Plain water was available for free.

Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238867

Additional Information
Expect a queue during peak hours (lunch and dinner) as it can get pretty crowded and the restaurant was not very big. We went at around 3-4pm and were seated immediately.

You can see a lot of Japanese dining at Ippudo! As the saying goes (by who, i dunno), a restaurant is truly authentic if the natives dine there too!

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