Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Seafood Paradise (樂天海鲜) Again @ Defu Lane

Yes, it's Seafood Paradise once again! I think my blog has been most loyal to this restaurant with at least three dedicated entries (including this one)!

What more can i say about this place?

The food is good, pricing is within our hard earned budget and most importantly, my family loves it!!

Enough has been said and reviewed on Seafood Paradise (via HERE and HERE). So........ let's make this the pictures galore post (a lame but fabulous excuse for weak bloggers like me)!

The industrial building that houses Seafood Paradise (at the ground level). What's the best thing to have an eatery in an industrial area (Defu Lane in this case)?

Ample parking at night!!

My baby holding on to the restaurant's name card while playing a game on iPhone.

His adorable yet total concentration on the game. He knows how to play my favourite Angry Birds too! Hahaha. And yes, he is still drooling at this age! Playing with him entails having the ocassional splashes of saliva!


Kangkong in Sambal Style!

The best way to eat kangkong in sambal style (Singaporeans call it 马来风光 or directly translated as the malay glory) is to have it with plain white rice!

Very delicious pork ribs! Sweet and peppery! The best pork ribs i ever have! Uncontrollable salivary glands just thinking about it!

The full monty!

Pig mother's favourite dish! Since this meal was in celebration for her birthday, the "big" serving was ordered specially for her. Looks good?

The real story? The number of wasabi prawns was pathetic for a "big" portion! 

Loves the wasabi prawns for its deep fried crunchy shell and sweet juicy meat!

Some tofu thingy! I prefer hot plate tofu! The pork floss was a nice addition though.

Fierce Mee Goreng!!

"Medium-size" but the amount of seafood was comparable to the small serving.

Moral of the story? Order small next time!

The must-must-must-must-try!
Butter crabs!!

Initially we wanted a small crab but only medium was available! The price of this dish depends on the weight of the crab(s)! The price has increased!!

From S$38 to S$42 per kilogram!

By themselves, these golden buns are almost useless!

Even if the inside is fluffy, its use is limited unless you are really hungry.

With the butter gravy however, the buns taste heavenly!!

*nods head* 
That's the reason why we always prefer to have a small crab. To fully utilise the gravy at a minimal cost!!

Our order list (in Chinese).

Total Damage
S$180.00 - S$190.00

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