Sunday, May 02, 2010

Merlions in Singapore - The Iconic Family

The Merlion has generated much interest on its authenticity. Though imaginary, it is no doubt one of the most recognisable trademarks for Singapore.

It was said that there is a family of merlions living right here in Singapore!

The Father
This magnificent structure is 37 meters tall.
Like Cyclops, it has the optic blast.
Unlike him, he can activate it as and when he likes it
Location: Sentosa

The Mother
At 8.6 meters tall, this is the original statue,
The problem is, she is always vomiting.
Location: The Merlion Park

The Baby
This is the toddler of the family at 2 meters tall.
Like the mother, it is ill.
Location: The Merlion Park

The Illegitimate Child
Located at the top of Mount Faber, this 3 meter high structure (gender unknown after intensive check) is supposedly the result of a one night stand. 

It should be the love child of the father merlion since it is back to back with the father merlion; just like the mother merlion with the baby merlion.

Birth mother: unknown.

There's a fifth merlion in Singapore.
Guess where it is.


  1. There is another illegitimate child in Hanoi! :)

  2. hahaha. horny father!! hm... maybe its the mother. GETBACK TIME!!


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