Thursday, June 24, 2010

Combat Durians (空军) along Balestier Road

Along the lengthy Balestier Road and next to the historical Da Bo Gong temple is a small durian stall that was heavily recommended by Ms Kat Ho over my preferred Sindy Durian

Despite my frequent visits of bringing my mom to the temple next door for her endless praying, it was always with disappointment since this Combat Durian does not normally operate on Sundays.

Until this fine day on 13 June 2010.

The species in question (between Ms Ho and I) is the ultra rich butter durian (aka Mao Shan Wang) and with that in mind, a 1.6 kilogram fruit was ordered for comparison!

Resembling my favourite Mao Shan Wang (aka Cat Mountain King) from Sindy Durian, the meat was creamy with an unmistakable integrated sweetness-bitterness taste. 

Characteristic of the butter species, it has a really Lilliputian seed! You can imagine how shiok it was when i dumped the yellow pulp into my mouth and all i felt was the flesh!

The above two paragraphs aside, this durian from Combat has its differences. The taste was pretty thin and lacked the richness i experienced in Sindy.

Furthermore, the price may be cheaper at only S$12 per kg but the 1.6 kg fruit had only 6 pathetic seeds. Compare that to the fruit i had in Sindy at a more expensive S$20 per kg, the 1.9kg fruit had 18 seeds!!!

Sindy Durian has a significantly better deal!


Opposite Hotel 81 Balestier and right beside a traditional temple stage!


  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Hi. Could you advise on where to park to visit this stall?

  2. parking is a pain here!

    the nearest would be the temple carpark which is reserved for worshippers.

    Other that that, i remember there is a carpark at Quality Hotel down the road or you could try the public carpark next to the whampoa food centre 300-400 meters away.



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