Monday, March 29, 2010

Genting Palace (雲華宮) @ Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Mr Kon heavily recommends this restaurant, a must have for his very frequent trips to Genting Highlands.

With an imperialistic (expensive sounding) name and traditional Chinese decor, i was worried initially for the limited Malaysian ringgits i brought.

My worries were unfounded.

Sweet and Sour Chicken
Crispy with a unique fragrance that made this dish comparatively better than the usually pork meat version. The crunchy chicken skin was especially delightful though the risk of an elevated cholesterol level was inevitable.

Prawn Fritters with Mayo
A common staple for dim sum, i usually find this very hard to impress upon me. 

So long the prawns are fresh, the exterior "casing" is not lumpy and the mayonnaise is creamy sweet, there's really nothing to complain about. 

Hor Fun
Remember this? Lacking the burnt wok hei taste, this dish was surprisingly delicious with its thick flavourful gravy, soft chicken meat and fresh fish.

Not exactly my cup of typical Hor Fun but it will be something i will order again next time i am there.

Fried Senangin Fish
Admittedly, i am not a fish fan (eaten or ornamental), the most i can do here is to say that the fish meat was compactful and it was easy to eat with minimal bones.

It must have been fabulous, judging from the way it was cleaned out.  

Poor fishy.

Senangin Fish in Soup
Two words: worth it!!

The price of this dish was based on the weight of the senangin fish. Hence, for the soup version, you paid exactly the same price for the fried version (provided same weight of course) but you get soup, bee hoon and beancurd!

Disregarding the damn worth it price, the soup was oily but oddly light in taste.

In the cool weather of Genting Highlands, soup will always take a special place in warming this kind heart of mine.

Spinach in Soup
Don't ask me. It's okay to me but apparently for the couple, this was disgusting! It's just vegetables!!!

Almond Pudding
With skim milk as its cover, the almond pudding was gooey and the combination was just not right. My mom's almond jelly with longan will beat it effortlessly!


Sweet and Sour Chicken - RM23.00
Prawn Fritters with Mayo - RM45.00
Hor Fun - RM23.00
Fried Senangin Fish (800grams) - RM56.00
Senangin Fish in Soup (750 grams) - RM52.50
Spinach in Stock - RM20.00
Almond Pudding - RM6.00 each

Spread over two meals and shared amongst 4 persons, there was a service charge of 10% and government tax at 5%.

At Genting Hotel, level 2 (i think so), right outside one of the many entrances to Casino de Genting. 

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