Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Ang Mo Kio Fried Kway Teow @ 724 AMK Central Food Centre [Singapore] #amkcenrtalhawkercentre

plate of white carrot cake did little to placate the hungry devil in my tummy and I looked around this hawker centre at Ang Mo Kio Central for another food source; the enticing aroma from the above char kway teow stall eventually drew me and it was decided; "uncle, one plate, no chilli"!  

One look and it already worked up my appetite! The noodles were in a darker shade without me even asking for extra sweet sauce and most importantly, it had a wet, saucy consistency. Oh la la, I can't wait to eat it! 

The flavour contained a ton of wok hei and I did love the accompanying green vegetables; made it seemed like my meal wasn't that sinful. Strangely, the noodles tasted mushy and I wondered if it was the higher proportion of kway teow or the over-use of oil. After a while, I got a bit turned off and this kind of caught me by surprise as it tasted so heavenly in the beginning.

Would this deserve a second chance? I think it does as I still can't forget the strong wok-hei that filled up my oral cavity when I took my first bite.  


Block 724, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, 
724 AMK Food Centre,#01-28, 
Singapore 560724

As above.

Char Kway Teow - S$3.50

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