Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Jovyn's Birthday 2019

It didn't feel too long ago when Jovyn was just an infant and it's amazing how time flies as we age, especially towards the middle-age. To a kid, an incident three years ago would be a long enough period although to an adult, it might still be considered a relatively recent occurrence. 

Nevertheless, to celebrate a kid's birthday is important as they might not be so keen in such family celebrations when they reach their teens and have their peers who are able to relate to them better. I think it's inevitable since most of us have gone through the rebellious teenage years.

I am only hoping that Jovyn wouldn't force me to remove her many pictures from my blog. 

Birthday girl sticking her own candles on the cake; adults like us would be happy to just go with one or three candles but for the kid, it must be the real representation of their age!

My sister taught her the pose so that she appeared slimmer in the picture; guess the mom is aware how to work her magic when it comes to photo-taking. Uncle me isn't as creative.

The dress you see on her belonged to my younger sister even though it's quite a good fit for Jovyn. Kids being kids; she managed to dirty the dress while she was digging into a slice of her own birthday cake! 

Let the singing begin! We were actually done with just one birthday song; however, the candles went out due to the air-conditioning and a second song was needed to relight the candles.

Praying for her birthday wish! 

Giving me a good, shy, demure smile as she cut the cake. 

She even attempted to slice the cake for her guests; being amateur when it comes to cake-cutting, her slice was huge and it's appalling for the adults who are trying to cut on sinful, sugar-laden food! 

The coco exotic cake from Four Leaves was delicious and i enjoyed the crunchy hazelnut base very much. Nowadays, i am too lazy to bake birthday cakes and since i am not very good with it; it's easier for us to buy from professional bakeries too.

Happy birthday, Jovyn! 


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