Friday, June 07, 2019

Outram Park Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh (Opposite the Old Tanjong Pagar KTM Station) @ Singapore #yahuabakkutteh

A friend from Bangkok came over to Singapore for a short visit and had a few items on his must-eat list; chilli crab, durians and bak kut teh (BKT)!

As a Singapore foodie, i had a whole list of recommendations and for BKT, i knew exactly where to bring him; my favourite Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh although this time, i didn't go to the original store as it's more convenient for us to travel to its branch at Keppel area.

At 8.24 pm, the place was rather quiet; unlike during lunchtime when it's always so jam packed of diners, even on a scorching hot day! Anyway, dinner at close to 9.00 pm is uncommon among the local populace but the rainy weather yesterday means it would be comforting to have a bowl of hot, peppery soup.

Note the free wifi for diners!

Given that i am no novice when it comes to BKT; it's a speedy ordering process since i knew exactly what to buy to complete the BKT experience and before long; the above items were placed on our table.

It's rare to find me having a full bowl of white rice for dinner! However, it's an essential part of BKT and some went a step further by arguing that one should also add in a serving of youtiao (Chinese dough sticks); which we did.

If you ask me, i would prefer the salted vegetables over the dough sticks. Not all the salted vegetables from BKT stalls / restaurants are good; the kind i enjoyed must be crunchy and lightly salted with a sweet aftertaste.

Ya Hua's peppery soup, signature of Singapore's version of bak kut teh, was as flavourful as i remember; addictively peppery yet not overly powering! Always remember to ask for soup refill

I had ordered the premium pork ribs and was wondering if the portion had shrunk; turned out the waiter had gotten my order wrong (according to the receipt) and got me the normal pork ribs instead.

The pork ribs now come with options of either fat or lean; my recommendation is to go with fat, especially if you have BKT once in a blue moon! My way of eating BKT; drown the white rice with the addictive broth, throw in a piece of meat and eat them with salted vegetables! Yummilicious!


7 Keppel Rd, #01-05/07 PSA,
Singapore 089053


As above.


As above.

Spare Rib Soup - S$8.00 a bowl
Salted Vegetables (L) - $5.00 a plate
Dough Stick - S$2.00 a bowl
Plain Rice - S$0.60 a bowl
(Subject to GST)

Additional Information
Craving for Ya Hua BKT when you are not in Singapore? You can get their BKT pre-mix pack and make your own at the comfort of your own house! p.s. i have no idea how good / bad it is; hence, do share your verdict if you have tried them. 

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