Sunday, June 30, 2019

Joyce's Birthday 2019

Jovyn's birthday celebration has not even passed the two weeks' mark but here we are again celebrating another birthday of an immediate family member! 

Birthday girl is Joyce, the mother of Jovyn! Actually, i do enjoy birthday celebrations so long it's not my own and it's a pity that i am getting a bit too lazy to bake. Maybe i should attempt a home baked carrot cake for my parents' birthday in September.

I digress. Don't you just love the message on my shirt of my brother in law? "My wife made me fat so that no one else would want me"! According to my sister, this design was chosen by my brother in law; a sneaky way of pushing the blame away! 

With Jovyn; her split image. When we attended events by extended family, relatives always commented how Jovyn looks just like her mum at that age! Well, i can't remember although i must admit she has indeed inherited her mom's death stare. 

Happy XXth Birthday, Joyce!
p.s. i didn't reveal your age. 

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