Sunday, June 02, 2019

Caged Cats on Top a Chinese Restaurant at Guizhou in China

What would be your first reaction when you see a cage filled with adorable cats?! I was all ooh and ahh and quickly took a picture and send it via WhatsApp to a cat fanatic friend. 

My friend was elated to see the photograph and started asking a few questions; like where, how many etc. Legit questions that didn't quite surprise me until he suddenly asked where exactly were they housed at since it can't be that i was at a person's house when i was travelling in China. 

Truth is; i found them on top a rooftop garden of a Chinese restaurant and the immediate response from the friend was like "a restaurant?!?!? you sure they are not reared for meat?!!?".

Now; that kind of shocked me as i didn't even think about that given that  Singapore's food culture doesn't involve exotic meat even though it could be rather common in China. Well, it did seem like they were kept as pets rather than for food; i hope. 

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