Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Yu Pan Dry Noodle (御品幹撈面) @ 7 Stars Coffee Shop along Dover Road [Singapore]

Unless i have the sudden motivation to want to eat healthy, i normally wouldn't have soup for lunch. However, there's this particular stall in a coffee shop along Dover Road that i have been going back rather frequently for the past few months.

Yu Pan - directly translated as royal products / products, i was enamored with its soup and for a coffee shop with quite a number of stalls; it commanded one of the longest queue! 

Soup is the star whereas the dry noodle is the perfect sidekick! You have the options for rice, kway teow, mee sua, mee tai bak, yellow noodles but i have always preferred mee kia or mee pok; specifically the latter if i am dining on the spot. 

This mee pok was cooked al-dente with ketchup that evenly coated each strand; making each slurp delectable and urging you to have more! Of course, there were times where they were less than satisfactory but the Chinese lady (who looked Vietnamese) did a great job! 

Now, the soup. Filled with ingredients like sliced tender meat, bouncy fish balls, yummy minced meat and delicious fried fish sticks, the soup was lip smacking flavourful; to the extent i would willingly indulge in it without the sidekicks (e.g. mee pok) if i am feeling under the weather or decide to eat lesser! 

Typical condition of both bowls when i am done. 


28 Dover Crescent,
7 Stars Coffee Shop,
Singapore 130028

Operating Hours
8.30 am to 8.15 pm

As above

Dry Noodle - S$3.50

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