Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rajawongse Clothier by Jesse & Victor - Quality Tailor Made Shirts @ Bangkok [Thailand]

My first visit to the City of Angels was back in 2007 and save for that trip and the one i made in 2014, i would always make it a point to participate in one of the must-dos in Bangkok; tailor made a few shirts! 

Those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus are renowned for its loyalty and once i am satisfied with a particular company, i literally stick to it. The same goes for the tailor shop; my short and no-longer-lean stature means i am particular when it comes to the cut, the durability and the comfort and throughout the years, the workmanship at Rajawongse Clothier has served me well. 

Put it this way; the Egyptian cotton shirts i bought back in 2008 are still in good condition although you don't see me wearing them anyway for a simple reason like i have started to grow horizontally! 

The interior decor and the facade of the shop remain unchanged even though inflation has set in; a tailor made shirt cost 1,500 baht now instead of 1,200 baht a few years ago. I had the intention to make a new pair of trousers too but the price of 3,000 baht was just too expensive to stomach! 

It's possible to tailor made shirts in a short 4 days! Make your purchase on day one right after you check in to your hotel (pay a deposit), return the next day for the fitting (make full payment) and you may ask for delivery to your hotel as i did in my most recent trip

Given the marginally higher pricing, i chose to make only three shirts this time. As you can see, i am a boring man and had minimal requirement; no pocket, no label, short-spread collar etc. By the way, the normal me would not have opted for the red colour but Alex was persuasive! 


130 Sukhumvit Road,
Bangkok, Thailand
(Next to Landmark Hotel)

As above (nearest BTS station is Nana exit 2).

Opening Hours
Mondays to Saturdays - 10.30am to 8.00pm
Sundays - Closed


Additional Information
Do keep the card with your unique ID; you would not have to take measurements again the next time you want to order more shirts! Moreover, you may choose the colour and style online, request the clothier to tailor made the shirts based on the measurements maintained in the database and courier them back to Singapore at a nominal fee! 

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