Friday, November 13, 2015

Day One of Chan Brothers (GUARANTEED No Shopping Stops) 8 Days 7 Nights Scenic Guilin + Longji Terraced Fields Tour Package

The appearance of running uniformed SCDF personnel in the airport vicinity cost a small commotion as questions started popping in people's head; was there a fire, did someone die? I am honestly none the wiser.

Nevertheless, it's always nice to have the kids sending us off when we go on overseas trips as no one really knows if we would be back safe and sound; never hurts to treasure what we have right?

'Be a Changi Millionaire" - guess this is a dream for most people and i believe the promotion was a resounding success! I wanted to consolidate my purchases when i returned on 01 November but the bloody campaign ended on 31 October! There goes my dream to be Singapore's next millionaire...

Playground for the kids' entertainment! An important airport feature as most of the times, people would choose to arrive earlier to check in and if you have on hand a hyperactive kid (or kids), such installation does help to alleviate their boredom.

Time to board the plane!

Aside from the free newspapers and entertainment, i most look forward to the food on full service flights as i am sucker for cheap, budget airlines! The only problem was that i am always in a dilemma; international or oriental!

Opted for oriental as i was famished and a rice-based meal would help to placate my nagging tummy! Didn't look too appealing frankly and my heart actually go for the warm bread roll.

Could not deny the atom ice cream too although i remember Singapore Airlines used to serve Magnum ice cream which was a real treat! Oh well, these ice cream nuggets were quite good; reminding me of my favourite hazelnut roll by Walls!

Shortly after dinner had concluded, the lights were switched off to enable passengers to shut their eyes; not for me, it's times like this i must catch those blockbusters i have missed in the past few months! I still couldn't quite believe i chose Doraemon: Nobita and the Space Heroes.

When the ground is shimmering with lights, i know it wouldn't be long before the plane landed and i would not be able to complete my second movie; Terminator Genisys!

Not with just eight minutes to go and the announcements coming in every few minutes in English and Mandarin! In times like this, i would go back to playing my Candy Crush.

As it was already 1.30am when everyone congregated, our tour guide (Shen Fei) issued us our key cards for the hotel which was only about a fifteen-minute drive away.

Waiting for the coach with the airport control tower right in front of us. During the short journey, Shen Fei was thoughtful to remind the elderly to be careful in the bathroom as it can be wet and dispense useful information like the items in the hotel that were complimentary, password to the WiFi and most importantly, the check out time the next day!

I was exhausted when i arrived at the hotel and proceeded to the washroom to take a badly needed shower and of course, a dump before i retired to the comfortable bed.

Unlike in the past, the allure of a bathtub is no longer as attractive as i find soaking in a bathtub to be such a blatant waste of time! If i have time, might as well make use of the gymnasium in the hotel!

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