Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Major Regret from My Guilin Trip!

Regrets always set in whenever i return from an overseas trip; many a time, it was only upon scrolling through the photographs that it dawned on me that i should have forked out the money to buy some stuff, but it's different this time. 

I was already kicking my ass halfway through the journey and the object of affection is nutty in nature; specifically the macadamia nuts! I should have purchased a few kilograms although i was worried i might not sufficient RMB then! :(

This roaming hawker was recommended by our tour guide for selling quality nuts and knowing me, i am always full of skepticism, until i was given a few to sample! Oh my gosh, i never knew shelled macadamia can taste so amazing with a slight hint of chocolate! 

It was also assuring to see that an electronic scale was used as the traditional balance scale can be easily rigged and you might get less then expected. I don't know what the reasonable pricing for macadamias is but i thought RMB100 (around S$22) for a kilo is quite reasonable and the hawker doesn't hesitate to throw in a few more to make the customer happy! 


Where To Find Him
Depends as he rides around in his motorbike but we found him outside Elite Garden Hotel (万丽花园酒店) at Yangshuo City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China

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