Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Stinky Tofu at Zhengyang Pedestrian Street (Opposite Zheng Yang Inn) @ Guilin City [China]

With a ton of shops / stalls lining up zhengyang pedestrian street and its side alleys, i was amazed by my unexpected hawk-eye vision to spot the above; stinky tofu!! Okay, i lied; my nose was the one that picked up its unique, irresistible aroma! 

Despite dad's initial resistance, i managed to persuade him that my stomach was still hungry and i am only ordering the smallest portion possible. Yipppppeeee!

The smell wasn't bad and i was fidgeting nonstop in anticipation of what i have missed out for a long time! I actually asked to have the smelly tofu without any sauce and condiment but the lady advised against my request as the taste would be bland. 

Point taken and since i am going to add, might as well give me everything, including the chilli! 

At 5 RMB, the serving was decent for one person and as it was rather chilly that night, the freshly fried smelly tofu was a definite warm comfort for the tummy. The crust (crispy exterior skin) was a visual turn off given its resemblance to snake skin but other than that, the pungency wasn't overwhelming and i thought it was tasty, with credits given to the condiments and sauces. 

Were they as good as the ones from Shenkeng (Taiwan)? No way! 


Off the main zhengyang pedestrian street,
directly opposite Zheng Yang inn,

Guilin City, China

Location Map
As above. Follow the aroma! 

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