Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Supermarket in China @ Zhaoqing (星湖国际广场)

Checking out the local supermarkets when one is overseas has become the favourite past time for quite a few Singaporeans and i must admit it can be an eye opener! 

In my recent trip to China, where there was a stopover at Zhaoqing, we were brought to a shopping complex with two hours of free time. Not a person keen in shopping for clothes, the only one place i can think of is the supermarket with its wide variety of snacks; some of which can't be found in Singapore! 

I could spend hours going through every aisle just like my colleagues' mother but two hours weren't a lot of time and i have yet to explore the fresh food section. 

Fancy having rice by the kilograms (in China's context, it should be by jin; 500 grams make up one jin)! I don't eat a lot of rice and two kilograms can last me a while; problem is, you can only find affordable rice at 5 kilograms or 10 kilograms pack!

The well stocked dried / preserved / salted products would not surprise us as they are quite commonly displayed in a similar style if you happen to go to wholesale sections like the one on the top level of Albert Centre

However, it isn't common to find dried pufferfish hanging from the ceiling! 


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