Sunday, November 22, 2015

Soursop Juice from Lim Hin (Formerly Taman Serasi) @ Old Airport Road Hawker Centre [Singapore]

The soursop juice at the now-demolished Taman Serasi hawker centre opposite the Botanic Gardens was said to be legendary and with me often craving for the cancer-fighting fruit recently, i knew just the place where i can get my hands on a cup!

Old Airport Road food centre; I remember reading from the newspaper quite a long time ago that many of the fruit stalls from Taman Serasi have moved there and a simple google search brought me to a specific one that started operations way back in 1975; Lim Hin! 

I bet you would have noticed that grandma with a walking stick in the above picture. Don't play play; our drinks were in fact prepared by her!

These were our orders; all of them were the classical soursop juice. From look of it, i did note that two items were added; lime and lemon, likely for a zesty enhancement. 

I initially thought the drink was rather watered down but it was eventually attributed to the heavier soursop meat; which had sank to the bottom of the plastic cup! 

After a good stir, it was way thicker with a refreshing sweetness although you may still find it hard to indulge in the fruit with all the ice cubes on top! Personally, i thought ice soursop would be much more convenient to eat and i shall check out the available range by Lim Hin the next time i visit.


51 Old Airport Road #01-36, 
Old Airport Road Food Centre

Soursop Juice - S$2.50

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