Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day One of my Journey to Kota Kinabalu in April 2015

You know the reason for the obsession many people have with wanderlust? 

Because an overseas trip is always filled with excitement and anticipation; new friends you would make, higher exposure to culture / history / locals' way of living and loads of unforeseeables! 

There are downsides to travelling of course. Money is definitely one of them and to set the record straight; i am not loaded and am in fact dirt poor due to this insatiable desire to go overseas. Pointing the blame to budget airlines like AirAsia!

It's only my second time on AirAsia although this time, the mood was jittery since the memory of that unfortunate accident (QZ8501) remained fresh on our mind. Whatever the case, i believe the airline has handled the situation really well and i trust procedures and operations would be scrutinized and improved to prevent a repeat. 

The Social Tree - at almost 9 meters high, this was the current attraction in Changi Airport Terminal 1 and used technology for you to take and upload your photo to the 64 screens surrounding the tree, and also to your social profile.

This stupid man attempted quite well in accepting the kind gesture by the vomiting merlion. By the way, do you know that the merlion is extremely well liked by many tourists?! A traveller i met in Kota Kinabalu (KK) visited Singapore a long time ago and could not remember much except for the merlion. 

Now to explore the rest of terminal 1; it has a kid's playground too and i thought it was much bigger than the one in terminal 2. Anyway, all terminals are connected by the sky train and you could pop by the other terminals if time permits. 

This was a really feeble shot to copy the towering supertrees at Gardens by the Bay and a total waste of good space. If the aim was to promote Gardens by the Bay, then it would be best to get the main designer to work on this garden. 

No prize for guessing which expression i chose. 

Another garden i could not wait to check was the Cactus Garden. I believe i have been to it once long time ago but that was before i got a decent camera.

Bloody place was undergoing improvement works. =_=

There was a small section still accessible even though it was seriously nothing much to scream about. Damn, i think Gardens by the Bay (Flower Dome) has really raised the bar. 

The word "garden" might make you think that this would be a place popular with families. Truth is further than that; some of the gardens in the airport are designated legitimate areas for smokers to light a stick or two. 

For those who are interested to check out the eight gardens of various themes in Changi Airport, you may refer to the garden trail map as above. 

Unlike terminal 2, there wasn't a mini theatre for movie screening. You may wish to consider the above option instead; not as comfortable but sufficient enough to spend your time. 

Last few passengers to board the plane as we decided to get some food! I seldom have the words "final call" flashing on the screen when i enter the departure gate. 

Inside Airbus A320-200; in the past, i would put on my earphones and blast loud music to drown out the surroundings. Now, i would happily activate the 风行网 app on my phone and watch highly rated movies throughout the flight! 

Up in the sky! Love the aerial view, as always and finally had the opportunity to check out the construction area of what used to be the carpark for terminal one. In case you are unaware, this would be the site of Changi Jewel; the place for leisure, shopping, and dining.

Only one picture of the clouds as i guess there is only so much i can write about clouds in the skies, especially for a person who takes history and not geography for humanities and could not differentiate Cumulonimbus from Cirrocumulus.

Arrival at Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 2! 

KFC - Catch a bite before your flight; the slogan was memorable enough for me to really do as it suggested when i left Kota Kinabalu six nights later! 

Those wishing to take an airport bus at RM 5 per person can find the booth easily right after you step out into the arrival hall. If it is too difficult for you, just remember it is right outside the 24-hour convenience stall. For timings and route, click here

Since it was already night and i wouldn't want to go through the hassle of remembering where to stop and how to get to Jesselton Hotel, we hopped over to the bigger counter for airport taxi.
Contrary to Don Mueang International Airport at Bangkok, this counter is legit and after you have indicated your destination and make payment (RM 30), the staff would issue two tickets for you to bring to the cab drivers who were waiting outside the terminal. 

Reached Jesselton Hotel within fifteen minutes! For a detailed posting on the hotel, the oldest in KK, click here

First meal in KK - Bak Kut Teh


For the summarised itinerary of the 7 days, 6 nights Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) trip, please click here.


  1. Hello, in case you remembered, what telcos were available at the airport? Thanks!

    1. Hallo! There was a shop with the DIGI sign on it but it could have offered other telcos. I bought mobile plan at the shopping centre near the hotel. :)