Monday, April 20, 2015

100% Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice from a Vending Machine [Singapore]

My eyes lighted up when i saw the above vending machine at Liang Court; i have seen sliced fruits in cups (with questionable freshness) but this made it the first time i have a fruit juice vending machine right in front of me! 

Of course i had to give it a try; thank god it accepts notes as i don't really keep coins nowadays. Too many pigs to rear - most of which are starving with nothing in their tummies. 

Nothing will happen after you put in the coins / notes. You have to do some work by asking the machine to start its process. By asking, i do mean pressing the "start button".

Action comes in the form of real oranges within the machine; one by one, it started rolling down the mechanical funnel and i counted no less than 4 in total to make my cup of orange juice.

Each of them would be machine-squashed; ensuring that every precious drop was squeezed out.

At this moment, i guess many of us would be gearing to pull open the lid and grab the cup of freshly squeezed orange juice! Not yet, not yet. 

To prevent spillage by clumsy humans, a plastic seal would be necessary. No other addictive is added and you would be guaranteed that this healthy beverage would be as natural as the one you hand-squeeze at home.

Wait for the screen to reflect "collect your juice"! 

A straw would be required to poke through the plastic seal and you could easily find a stack in a basket that was attached in front of the machine. Given that they were free for anyone to pick, i am wondering what would happen if the basket runs out of straw! 

Anyway, here's my cup of 100% Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice which cost S$3.60! Pretty steep but i thought it was worth the novelty. 

Taste? Well, as good as you could get from four oranges that cost about S$2 from the local supermarket. 


Liang Court Level 1
[Near the escalator going to basement]


  1. Saw this also in Guanzhou at the Beijing Road shopping center. It cost RMB10 Yuan per cup. The difference is that the Singapore version has sealed the cup. The machine is made in Italy base don the sign stated on the machine

    1. Nowadays, u see more innovative stuff in China than in Singapore!

  2. We have 70, designed in Singapore, machines all around Singapore now and all of our machines sell a cup (280 - 300 ml ) at SGD 2.00 :)

    1. I usually don't allow companies to publish their business on this blog but i have received quite a number of queries about renting vending machines in Singapore!

  3. How can i get this in kenya

    1. you can write to :)