Monday, April 06, 2015

Standalone Abandoned House @ Saint John's Island [Singapore]

I mentioned previously of a pretty well hidden hilltop building on Saint John's Island and this time round, strong legs are not required as this seemingly quaint little house was super near the jetty! 

With just two blocks of wood (made into an X sign) blocking the main entry to the house, i think it would be safe for me to explore further. Put it this way, if this place is really dangerous, the authorities would have blocked out everything.

Personally, you would never see me living in such a bungalow; imagine how your mind would play tricks on you when you hear scrambling / scratching under the floor!

Rotten wooden beam - don't think this house is livable even if you manage to tidy and clean it up! The condition was dismal and i bet it would only be a matter of time before the structure sinks to one side. 

Likely the kitchen / storeroom with a lavatory. One of the doors wasn't secured tightly and i managed to catch sights of fishing nets stored within. So, it wasn't entirely abandoned afterall! 

Would you dare to peer into the window? 

I did, after mustering enough courage since the other two buggers didn't want to join me and prefer to stay at a far distance. Okay lah, nothing inside; as empty as a lake with no water. 

Does this hand print remind you of anything? I remember there was a story of a devil's print in an army camp that could not be wiped off / painted over. The room with the print has since been sealed off though. Pity, if you ask me.

One side was blocked while the other entrance has no such barricade. Bearing in mind that the wood could be rotten and might give way given i was no longer as feather light as before, i was in a dilemma; to enter or not to. 

Compromising is sometimes a good option; i went up the steps but didn't venture further. Two rooms, separated by a short, narrow corridor; nothing exciting.

I was more excited to find honeycombs! My honey from Taiwan is running out and it's always worth the effort if i could get some for free in Singapore! 


Location Map
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