Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Trophies Of My School Days Over 20 Years Ago!

Dad dumped this box on my bed and i thought for a brief moment he had managed to find a pair of Crocs shoes i misplaced a long time ago in our terribly messy storeroom.

The initial happiness was replaced by a puzzled expression on my face; trophies? And one with a horse? Nope, none in my family (including extended) is into equestrian sports.

Out of the lot - three belong to me and surprise surprise, despite my not-tall stature; i actually performed quite well in volleyball in my younger days okay! 

Of course, 1994 was the year i stopped volleyball and that's when i realised i stopped growing altogether. Correction, i can still grow; albeit horizontally. :( 

Damn, where the heck is my crosstalk trophy?! That would be more relevant to what i am still capable of doing nowadays; talking.

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