Thursday, January 29, 2015

Local Food Street @ Male [Near Villingili Ferry Terminal]

When one talks about food in Maldives, it's always about how expensive they are and coming from a region where hawker food doesn't really quite burn a hole in my wallet, i was immensely worried when i was planning for the trip! 

Turned out the situation wasn't as bad as expected and i am going to share the location of a local food street in Male, near Villingili Ferry Terminal where most travellers to Maafushi Island would likely pass through. 

First thing - a cup of coffee! I actually asked for normal coffee and when the waiter asked if i wanted milk, i just nodded my head without realising it would be a cup of milk with a scoop of nescafe powder! Horrid, especially for someone who is mildly lactose intolerant!

The half chicken sub was much more memorable in comparison; for one, it was served warmly toasted and when i first sank my teeth into the bread, there's only one word to describe it.

Delicious! The ingredients were pretty plain but i could definitely feel the fresh, sweet crunch of the cucumber and lettuce which thankfully, didn't feature any bitterness. The pieces of chicken slathered in light, mild spicy mayonnaise added as a meaty flavouring in my opinion and were nothing more.


Location Map
As above (Blue Star is the location of the shop i went to). 
The first one along the street.

Coffee Milk - 15 MVR
Chicken Sub (Half) - 25 MVR
Note: 1 S$ = 11 MVR
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

Additional Information
There were more than ten different shops along the same street to choose from for meals and we selected the one here because it appeared to have more customers! 

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