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Forest Adventure - The Place to Conquer Our Fear for Heights! @ Bedok Reservoir Park [Singapore]

4 months have passed and after a lot of hints from fellow partners-in-crime, i am finally working on this post to Forest Adventure, an obstacle course that aims to satisfy many mans' childhood dream; to be Tarzan for one day. 

Okay, i am kidding. In my opinion, Forest Adventure is an attraction for those with an adventurous streak and for individuals like myself who have a phobia for heights, to challenge our fear.

From young, i suffer from vertigo and this was extremely discomforting given my free spirit, nonchalant attitude when it comes to enjoying life. Hence, i gladly accepted the invitation from a group of NUS colleagues to sign up for the "Grand Course" at Forest Adventure

The workout begins from this spot at Carpark A (opposite Aquaris by the Park condominium); bloody hell, i didn't realise the attraction is so far in! 

Oh well, just treat it as a warm-up exercise and slowly stroll down the tree-lined pathway. On a windy day, it could be immensely therapeutic to the mind and soul.

Arrived at the base camp after a walk of about seven minutes which wasn't much actually. Anyway, the base camp would be just a building where you can register your attendance (pre-booking is recommended), make payment and if need be, get some drinks (very limited variety). On second thought, don't drink until post activity. You would not appreciate the high tide when you are 8 meters above ground. 

This enormous tent with tables and chairs would be necessary even before the course begins; for you to fill up the disclaimer form that holds you, as an individual, solely responsible for any injury. Please be assured that after going through the course, i thought it was conducted in a pretty safe environment, so long you adhere to their safety instructions.

All participants would be issued with the all-important helmet and harness! In addition to reducing the risk of injury should something fall on our delicate head, wearing the helmet would help to prevent the carabiner from pulling your hair off. Ouch on the last part! Ladies and long haired gentlemen; tie up your hair please!

It's MANDATORY for every participant to be briefed on safety by a trained instructor with a short, practical session of an extremely easy obstacle route that was no more than two meters. Note: for the grand course, you would not be accompanied. If you are found to be not following the safety advisories, the staff has the right to shove the red card in your face and ask you to leave. No refund would be given.

Walking past the kids' course to attempt Site 2 as Site 1 was undergoing maintenance! The kids course is suitable for children with a minimum height of 1.1 meters and i thought it is a great activity to build confidence and teamwork among kids.

We were warned and i agreed that Site 2 was indeed the most challenging and featured the highest obstacle at 8 meters; for first timers, you would also find it extremely daunting as the first step was to clamber up the wobbly rope ladder! Darn, how come it look so easy on television!?!?!? 

Once you got up to the top of the ladder, it would be a no-return route; the first crossing between trees at this site seemed to be quite straightforward and i zipped across with apprehension yet without much difficulty.

Concerned with safety? Forest Adventure practised a two-level safety mechanism and you would be protected by at least one level. "Red-On" was something i kept reminding myself every time i got to a new obstacle and once that's stuck, hooking on to the red carabiner would be quite a no-brainer. 

Each obstacle is limited to the use of only one person at any one time and the platforms (as in the one above) can hold no more than three persons. Flout the rules and be prepared for the red card. 

Frankly, despite the pending enjoyment, I did feel for the poor trees that had to endure the suffering of having additional "armour" nailed to their body. All for the sake of humans' joy.

Nevertheless, let's continue with our journey - this crossing was physically more challenging; rule of thumb, cross it whichever way you want so long your harness is attached to the safety line. Many played cheat by utilising their body weight to move the carabiner along the pulley.

My friend preferred to swing across, using both hands, from timber to timber which i thought was more likely to throw a person off his/ her balance! By looking at her, there were quite a few times i had my pounding heart in my mouth. 

Among all the obstacles that day, this took the cake for being the most strenuous! The swinging wooden beams were placed in a zig-zag pattern and you have to push the one you are standing on towards the next one and hope you can grab it in time to hop across! The difficulty increases for those with short legs and arms, like me. 

See!!!! Since the height clearance for the grand course is 1.4 meters, children would be at a disadvantage although their lighter weight can prevent the wood from swaying all over the place.

At the end of each site would be the exhilarating reward most people look forward to; flying fox or in official naming, the zip lines across a small section of the reservoir! 

Site 3 was remembered for its length.

The rope ladder continued to be featured, in fact in every site! I absolutely detest this segment of activity as it drained my energy and climbing up every step reminded me that it was my fault to sign up for this!

Other than that the aforementioned, everything else on this site was quite an ease. Maybe i am getting use to the "protection" or i could have finally unlocked the true nature of my Chinese zodiac; the monkey! 

Following the zipline at the end of Site 3, we shall now proceed to Site 4; said to be a combination of both fun and excitement!

Star attraction; the Tarzan Swing! I have been wanting to try bungee jumping and this was said to emulate that adrenaline charged act; albeit on a much smaller scale.

Even a kid (and for that matter, Mdm Ang too) took the oath of bravery to leap off! Oh, by the way, do refrain from sprouting vulgarities as there could be quite a number of children attempting the grand course. 

This is the proper way to hit the net right after a successful mini bungee jump. 

I did bump off the net as i should but in my case, my foot was caught by the net and even though i was laughing hysterically, i could almost feel my foot dislocating as the force pulled me away. 

Thankfully, nothing happened and i continued to hop across the obstacles like a hyperactive primate.

Honestly, after Site 2, nothing else was really demanding. The height did put me off at times although my worst enemy was still the climb up the ladder, pure torture especially when you are exhausted! 

As Site 1 was closed, we were given a discount and also a choice to take part in an additional site, be it the horrifying Site 2, lengthy Site 3 or the fun Site 4. I didn't take long to decide it shall be Site 4 for me! Another go for the Tarzan Swing! 

The very kind instructor informed that there are more than one way to do the bungee. The conventional way was of course to look ahead and jump. Other ways include a heavy leap to feel the agonising pull and a backward jump! 

I opted for the last one and thoroughly enjoyed what was known as the "leap of faith". I think i should seriously consider the bungee jump at Macau Tower; a descent of a whopping 233 meters! Guess i was the only crazy one in my group, the others chose to be "safe".

Last jump off! In all, it was a well-spent three and a half hours clearing four sites and included the safety briefing. We were not hurried and i must say we totally enjoyed ourselves!


Within Bedok Reservoir Park.

As above.

For Motorists
Park at Carpark A and walk over (looking out for the signboard indicating Forest Adventure). Parking is free. 


Location Map for the Sites 
As above

Grand Course; four sites with various level of difficulties at S$46 each person. The maximum for one group is 15 persons so do ask your friends to join! 

As above. For more information, check the website.

Additional Information
Wear gloves (to protect your hands), bandana (the helmet is used by many people), trouser / bermudas (skirts are no allowed for obvious reasons), covered shoes (sports shoes preferably), mosquito repellent and sunblock! 

You can store your bag at the lockers (a dollar per use) behind the base camp.

Don't know what to eat and i bet you are famished? Check out the all day breakfast on weekends at Wawawa Bistro by the Reservoir! Check out my review here!

I was wondering if anyone has tried to climb up the trees at night for free when the facility is closed. The reservoir was pretty much open to the general public and this could really be a possibility for youngsters out for cheap thrills. 

Mystery solved - the staff would keep the rope ladder once every registered customer has cleared the obstacles. Another question - next morning, how would they put back the ladder? 

p.s. Thanks to Ms Tan and Ms Lau for taking most of the pictures!


  1. Anonymous4:29 AM

    They open the course by going backward.

    U see the zip line they will use that climb backward up to course to open

    1. Thanks for enlightening me! now i am curious to see how they traverse across the zip line to go all the way back to the site!

  2. Anonymous1:20 AM

    U can try go there 8.30am?

    1. I guess i could! provided i can wake up on time. :P