Thursday, January 01, 2015

Scramble with Friends Tournaments - The Day I Dented Alex Chiu's Confidence!

Alex has always professed to be an expert when it comes to the iphone app "Scramble with Friends" and it's common to hear him lament that not many can win him. 

He has stopped playing for a while but his interest was rekindled recently with a new game-play known as tournaments where you enter into a competition with strangers and advance through three stages starting from quarter-finals, semi-finals and then finals.

Problem is that unlike the normal gameplay, we could not determine who would be our competitors as it is entirely randomised; hence, imagine my shock when i realised Alex was in the same tournament! How coincidental was that!? 

Anyway, you can find out more about the statistics of your competitor in the game although in my opinion, it should at most be used as gauge and even if you have significantly lower stats, don't get discouraged! 

I eventually faced Alex in the finals! As you can see, the objective of the game, aside from thrashing your opponent, is to get the S tickets which are necessary for you to gain entry and participate in the tournament. 

Alex was confident he would win me by a huge margin but as you can see, i might have gotten lesser words yet i still managed to win him!!! Yippppppeeeeee! So shiok to dampen his confidence! Hahaha.

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