Monday, January 19, 2015

Roast Duck Rice in Happy Hawkers (喜多福) @ 739 Bedok Reservoir Road [Singapore]

I swore never to step back in to Happy Hawkers along Bedok Reservoir Road after a bad food experience with one of the stalls but life has always been unpredictable. This unpredictability also means i might have better luck in selecting a stall that could make me eat my words.

And i did with this plate of roast duck! Now, i have never been very adventurous when it comes to food and it was a stroke of craving that made me walk towards the roast delight stall and make my order.

To be honest, i wasn't expecting anything positive; on the visual aspect, the orangey colour of the duck skin would likely infer artificiality and obviously not the crisp type i am skewed towards.

How superficial i can be; served boneless, the meat was tender and moist without being overly fattening like many out there in the market. The dark gravy, often a major ingredient that either makes or breaks roast duck rice, was light and had that right amount of sweetness. Skin, although expectedly soft, was nice to chew while the roasted flavour slowly trickled my throat! 

Before i knew it, everything was cleaned off the plate! My only complaint was the use of plain white rice which was the case for most; if not all roast duck rice stalls! Haha. Find the rice too bland and you don't have enough gravy, go for the tiny sauce of chilli! 


Block 739, Bedok Reservoir Road,
#01-3139, Happy Hawkers (喜多福) 

As above.

Roast Duck Rice - S$3.00

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