Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cantonese Delights - Wanton Noodles and Laksa Yong Tau Foo @ Hong Lim Hawker Centre [Chinatown, Singapore]

At the request of the kids who wanted to have fun ordering sushi sent to the table using toy trains, i am once again at the vicinity of Chinatown Point! 

However, i really need to control my expenses and opted to have my meal at the more wallet-friendly hawker centre instead; obviously Hong Lim since it is right next to Chinatown Point, connected by a link-way. 

I have noticed this particular queue a number of times already and thought this would be a good time for me to check out the stall which sells noodles, laksa yong tau foo etc. It was a wait of almost 30 minutes before i got my food!

The Cantonese-ethnic group is famous for their roasted delight and judging from the glaze and colour of the char siew on display, i guess wanton noodles shall be my assigned lunch.

Seeing the declaration display by ieatishootipost for laksa yong tau foo derailed my intention though! :( I had to trouble my poor, fat tummy to have both then; psychologically, i shall treat the laksa yong tau foo as a bowl of soup for my noodles! 

Side-track a bit - there was a big bowl of crispy pork lard where you can take as much as you love! I absolutely adore operators who are so considerate towards their customers! 

Wanton Noodles 
When this was placed on my tray, i immediately knew i might have made a wrong decision; personally, i am not into lean char siew which was generally drier with a tougher texture.

And i am right even though the red crust surrounding the meat didn't disappoint as far as sweetness and smokiness are concerned. To me, it was a pity since the noodles were cooked to a spring and devoured in no time at all. 

Laksa Yong Tau Foo 
Original price was S$3.50 but if you choose to have it without noodles or rice (like me), the price would be reduced by 50 cents. Unlike many yong tau foo stalls, you are given standard ingredients with option to leave out certain "liao" you don't like. 

I counted brinjal, tau pok, tau kwa, fishball, bittergourd with fish paste etc. Save for the eggplant, everything else was pretty normal. Another item worth noting was the gravy; thick, creamy with a milky fragrance! Aiyah, they should put out more ingredients for customers to choose! Bet it would be more memorable then. 


Block 531A, Upper Cross Street, 
#02-03, Hong Lim Food Centre 
[Next to Chinatown MRT stations] 

As above

Wanton Noodles - S$3.00
Laksa Yong Tau Foo without Noodles - S$3.00

Other Stalls within the Food Centre

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