Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chiew Kee Noodle House Soya Sauce Chicken (钊记油鸡面家) @ Upper Cross Street [Chinatown]

Just like many locals in Singapore, i love my chicken rice but would always prefer roast chicken over the generally more popular steamed version. 

Reason - the chicken skin. 

Psychologically, my mind tells me that steamed chicken skin is fattier and oilier than that of the roast chicken. Given the similarity in texture and that soya chicken is rarely found in neighbourhood coffee shops, i had never tasted soya chicken in my entire life.

Until a month ago. And who to thank?
The Great Kon of course!

A classic family feud among two siblings in the 1940s (or 50s) eventually resulted in the brother setting up Chiew Kee Noodle House along the same row of shophouses, specializing in the same kind of food; Soya Chicken. 

Dumpling Soup
As usual, i would leave the star till the end and shall talk about the dumpling soup first. 

The soup was as plain as it looked. The same could not be said of the plump dumplings. Filled with Chinese chestnuts, stewed mushrooms and fresh prawns, they were firm and delicious!

Plain Noodles
I was in the mood for noodles although there was a chicken rice option. The first time i had Chiew Kee, it was a takeaway pack of soya chicken noodles and the revelation i had then was unforgettable! 

The freshly cooked noodles (on a plate this time) had a QQ bite even though they were not as flavourful as i first remember. Guess taking away does have the benefit of allowing the noodles to soak in the saccharine sauce, making them extremely flavourful after a long period of time. 

Soya Chicken
We requested for half a chicken and didn't regret our order at all! In fact, the general consensus was that we should have asked for a full chicken! 

The meat was so soft, so tender that you might not even require teeth to chew it! And the chicken skin, soaked in a sweet concoction of soya sauce marination, had a braised flavour that kept encouraging me to have more despite my initial reservation of its appearance! 

I should kick myself for not being more adventurous in food! Think of the number of years i have wasted in not knowing there is such a gem in the local food scene! 

In case you are reading this Mr Kon, i am still not going to try deep fried pork intestines!! 


32 Upper Cross Street
[Opposite Chinatown Point]

Dumpling Soup - S$5 a bowl
Plain Noodles - S$1 a plate
Half a Chicken - S$12 

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