Monday, May 27, 2013

Yet Another Original Melaka Cendol (albeit a disappointing one) @ Bibik House 娘惹屋 [End of Jonker Street]

A colleague told me she had seven bowls of cendol when she was in Melaka a few months ago. I am not as obsessed and only managed two servings in my two days, two nights trip to the heritage town! 

The second time was accidental; we stepped into the shop partly because there were quite a number of customers despite it being located at the end of Jonker street on a terribly hot afternoon and our initial thought was actually on the local food produce stacked nicely on the long row of shelves.

There was nothing we could do about the bloody weather but another bowl of cold dessert would surely help to cool us down! To prevent over-eating, one bowl was deemed to be more than sufficient. 

Humans are weird; when i was younger, i liked my ice kacang without kacang (red beans). Likewise, there are people who enjoy cendol better without cendol (green worm-shaped jellies). Hence, it does make perfect sense to have the cendol separately! 

At first look, I could not help comparing this with QQ Ice 86; the gula melaka in this case barely drenched the ice and in Cavin's makan dictionary, this was definitely not preferable. 

As i was complaining in my head, i caught sight of this pink-topped container placed on every table. Blooody hell, it was GULA MELAKA!! And i am free to put as much as i desire! 

Sadly, the disappointment that came with the first impression continued to the taste of the gula melaka; grainy texture plus an overbearing sweetness that would have invited a round of incessant nagging from my dear father if he was travelling with us. 


129 Jalan Hang Jebat
[Taking hard rock cafe as the starting point of Jonker Street, Bibik House is towards the end. If my memory serves me right, it would be after this permanent stage that you would not miss]

Original Cendol - RM5.00 
[I seldom comment about price although in this case, i feel i have a moral obligation to do so. For such an unsatisfying bowl of cendol, it was way overpriced considering that i paid only RM3.00 for a much better one at QQ Ice 86]


  1. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Hybrid cendol. Gula Melaka tasted weird. Tak sedap.

    1. u dislike gula melaka?! That's like so nice... okay, i like. haha


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