Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Queuing to Get Into The Trains? It's Happening at Tanjong Pagar too!

I am going to keep today's post real short today as i am having a really bad migraine right now due to restless sleep in the past few nights. 

It appeared that habits can be contagious! 

Since i started work at the central business district a month ago, i could not help noticing that many working professionals have taken to forming a nice queue at the train platforms even though space is not a luxury in ageing MRT stations belonging to the green and red line! 

Let's hope it would not take long before this considerate "epidemic" spread to other parts of the country. 


  1. Wow!! That's awesome! I first saw this happening at Buona Vista circle line. Yes, hope soon all the stations will have this good practice :)
    p.s: have a good rest!!

    1. thanks! let's hope Singaporeans (and residents) would be more and more civic minded in other aspects as well in e near future!


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