Monday, May 20, 2013

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball (古城雞飯粒) @ Malacca [Jalan Hang Kasturi, Off Jonker Street]

827 pictures - for a moment, i was at a loss. 

Where should i begin? How should i categorize my entries? What should go in and what should not? Hm.... I guess nothing's better than food to kick start the many postings on Malacca. 

I shall begin with the Gang of Four's first meal in the ancient city of Melaka; Chicken Rice Balls at Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball. Before the hardcore fans start typing their protests in the comment box, i am fully aware this is not the famous one. 

But when the time was coming to nine pm and the restaurant still managed to boast a queue, we figured it would not be bad. Furthermore, we were famished!!

Variety is a must for the Gang's meals and this trip was no exception; half a roasted chicken (that's all they have left), a small portion of char siew (BBQ pork), a small serving of wanton dumpling soup, a small bowl of fishball soup etc.

Fishball Soup
Too normal with a plain broth that failed to revitalize my taste buds. The fishballs tasted homemade and yet didn't have that bouncy feel that is well loved by many fishball lovers. 

Char Siew
Charred appearance including a smoky barbecue flavour similar to bak kwa, this would have made our cut apart from one very important factor; the lack of juicy fats! In addition, i personally found the char siew sauce too sweet. 

Chicken Rice Balls
Again, i would like to confirm that chicken rice balls are not the kind of carbohydrates for me. Yes, they are unique to Malacca although as far as texture is concerned, they can never win a plate of loose chicken rice!

Roasted Chicken
From the outlook, i was gaming to be blown away by the succulent chicken peeping underneath the cover of thin roast chicken skin. 

Sadly, the appearance can only help so much when it comes to food. Taste wise, most pieces were too dry compared to reputable Hainanese chicken rice stalls in Singapore. What's worse was the high salt level of the sauce soaking the poor chicken! 

I am way more impressed with the skin that had an amazing thin (hardly noticeable) layer of fat! Even though i have a great dislike for the balls, wastage of food is strongly discouraged in my family. 

Having the chicken skin actually helped me to finish all the balls on my plate! 


28-30 Jalan Hang Kasturi
[Corner of Jonker Street]


Fish Ball Soup (S) - RM 8
Char Siew (S) - RM 9
Half a Chicken - RM 18
Chicken Rice Balls - RM 0.30 each

As above [as usual, prices are subject to change]


  1. Chicken Rice balls are not my cup of tea too. I will order the normal plate of chicken rice instead.

    1. hahahaha totally agree!!! my friend was sharing with me about a really good one at the outskirt of Malacca. Until i try that, i am going to swear off all chicken rice balls!! :P