Sunday, November 06, 2011

Ferry to Pulau Ubin (乌敏岛) @ Changi Point Ferry Terminal

After a six-year absence, i was finally on my way to visit the last 'kampong' island in Singapore! It would be exciting to see if there's any change although deep down my heart, i hope change will be minimal.

The one and only economical way to travel to ubin is via a ferry. There are two terminals i know of; one is at quiet Punggol whereas the other is located at the more popular Changi Village.

Changi Point Ferry Terminal caters mainly to Ubin visitors and its Ubin section is operational from 6am until 8-9pm.

On weekdays, the queue can be short but the wait can be long. Operators of the bumboats, the only mode of transportation at Changi Point Ferry Terminal, will delay as long as possible to ensure that they can fit in the maximum load of twelve passengers before departing. 

At S$2.50 per person per way, you may consider paying S$30 (equivalent of twelve persons) or topping up the difference for the vessel to leave immediately. If you are bringing your own bicycle, there is an additional charge of S$2.

Taking these water taxis is fun provided you don't stay within the non-airconditioned cabin! I love to venture outside the cabin and enjoy the sea breeze, the scenery while the bumboat makes its way to the Pulau Ubin.

See those red wooden handles by the side? That's how i can prevent myself from falling off the boat! Compared to the last time i took the boat to ubin, the speed this time was torturingly slow.

Maybe i was too accustomed to the speedboat i took at Krabi.

During peak periods, the terminal is filled with bumboats and not just the five or six we saw yesterday. Hm.... either that or there is some regulation in place. Hallo, i was there six years ago!

View of the infamous Changi Beach. Given its close proximity to the ferry terminal, i am baffled that the beach still managed to retain its pristine condition.

Ubin Island (Pulau means Island in Malay) is very near to mainland Singapore. The adventurous can even consider showing off their swimming prowess and swim to ubin if they don't mind the heavy ship traffic and water pollution.

Roughly ten minutes is all it takes to reach the main jetty in ubin.

Change was already spotted even before i reached the jetty; i don't remember seeing this board walk structure the last i was there.

The jetty remained the same though! I shall stop here and continue with Chek Jawa and the main commercial area in the next few days.

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