Thursday, November 17, 2011

Carpark Security Camera

As the society prospers, security is usually deemed to be necessary in order to protect your expensive possessions.

The same goes for businesses with many installing cameras at vantage points to ensure that their operations run smoothly with minimal disturbance.

For a driver who occasionally parks at multi-storey carparks, i do appreciate the existence of surveillance cameras; you never know when a vandal will strike.

This security camera, however, looked different and for a moment, i could not put my finger as to what is exactly wrong with it.

Have you spotted it yet?

How could the on/off switch be so accessible for the general public?!?! Any dickhead vandal will be able to take advantage of this security loophole!!!


Harbourfront Tower 1 Carpark.


  1. At first glance, I thought the first picture was full of white canons, LOL. That's one heck of a shot. I wonder who would have the guts to enter a house with security cameras like those. Hollow Man, maybe.

  2. there would sure be robbers who are interested. esp those with electrical skills! hhahaha.

  3. I laughed after reading your comment, and looking at the security cameras again, Fernando. :P With security cameras like that, they'll scare the heck out of those trespassers.

  4. Yeah, I bet no one will have the guts to break into a home or a business establishment with CCTV cameras like that. There’ll be hardly any defense for you, especially if you can be identified through the footage. But yeah, placing that on/off switch in such a conspicuous place is kind of foolish. But then again, they’ll be immediately identified before they get to turn it off.


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