Sunday, November 20, 2011

Standing Sushi Bar @ Queen Street (Near Singapore Art Museum)

Why do you think a standing sushi bar is named as such? The answer, i thought, should be simple; this is a place where you eat sushi while standing.

I am terribly wrong in my assumption. Though the setup is skewed towards a drinking crowd, i didn't have to stand while having sushi. To be honest, i doubt there is even space for standing.

Kaisen Sarada
Essentially seafood salad; you can hardly see the vegetables buried under layers of fresh seafood like salmon, prawn, squid, tuna, fish roes etc etc. The combination was naturally delicious with a dash of tentalising dressing!

California Maki
This is not comparable to the epic maki i had at Megumi and generated little interest from all of us.

Shake Aburi Maki
After the california maki, we were not expecting much from this shake aburi maki. The salmon meat had a half-cooked look and didn't appeal to me.

Megumi's maki, as i mentioned, is epic. This shake aburi maki is epic-er! The salmon was so tender and you could not resist that lightly roasted aroma. Each piece was a delight and i could not help but take a longer time to slowly absorb its epic essence. Yummy!

Itoyori Shio
My limited grasp on the Japanese language told me this fish (that had a really agonising face) has something to do with salt (shio is salt).

Itoyori, according to a google search, is "thick and meaty. It was really nice but given the high price tag of S$38, i would have preferred a kilogram of crab anytime.


8, Queen Street,  #01-03
[Located very near to Singapore Art Museum (SAM)]

For reservation, please call 6333-1335

Kaisen Sarada - S$15.00
California Maki - S$9.00
Shake Aburi Maki - S$16.00
Itoyori Shio - S$38.00

Subject to Service Charge.

Additional Information
Check out their website HERE for other branches and promotions.


  1. Hi there, thanks for coming to the restaurant and taking the time to write a review! Heh, yes, our name is kind of funny now. The original location at Raffles Place was a true standing sushi bar (i.e. no seats, everyone stands and eats). Alas I think in the Queen Street area people aren't so keen on standing and eating so... seats. :)

  2. Hi Howard,

    Thanks for visiting! and thank you for explaining how the name comes about!

    btw, I am missing the shake aburi maki right now!!!