Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weight Loss (FINALLY)!

I don't have sufficient time to crop those pictures for my next post. Therefore, i am going to touch on something that i have been bragging to my friends and colleagues for the past few weeks.

Half a year ago, i tipped the scale at 63.6 kilograms (kg). This was not bad given my standing of almost 65kg shortly after the Chinese New Year indulgence although i was still greatly concerned; my weight was no more than 50kg ten years ago!

Many express doubt that reduction is even possible in my case due to my apparently excessive eating habits and that aging is usually positively correlated to weight.

I am pleased to inform those naysayers i have successfully reduced my weight to 59.2 kg (a drop of over 4kg) over two short months! *happy happy happy* ^_^

So what has effected the change? Plenty of exercise, heavy breakfast, light lunch and a somewhat light dinner; typical advice dispensed by any weight loss specialist.

Diarrhea, as a result of overeating, can be helpful too!

I would not want to show you the pictures but if you are keen, send me a comment with your email address and i shall forward a few for your reference.

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