Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Strawberries - The Best Way to Have Them!

What's the best strawberry you have eaten?

The one you hungrily gobbled after taking so much time plucking in one of the strawberry plantations in Cameron Highlands? Or was it the mini one you bought from the supermarkets in Singapore?

The best i have eaten came from Kunming in Yunnan, in China. Big, red, sweet; optimal conditions for the best strawberry. And all of them were bloody good! Every single one of them!

My fellow tour mates said they may be chemical induced though. It's with disbelief that strawberries can taste so wonderful!

Heck care! We bought a lot and ate a lot (especially my younger sister who was, in fact, drooling while she waited for the lady to pack the strawberries in the picture above). We were so full, we burped strawberry breath.

You will love to smell it!!!

On the sinister side, what happen if the strawberries you bought are small, sour and on their way to rot? Would you throw them away? Or would you take the risk of having a personally induced, non-medicated colon cleansing?

That's when the crystalline substance comes into the picture and save those pathetic strawberries of yours!


Pictorial steps with minimal text as follow:

 Dump the strawberries in salted water.

Cut them up

Sprinkle the sugar

Result: A bowl of yummy strawberries laced with a layer of sugar syrup.

A sentence of caution!

Sugar does not kill bacteria and if the strawberries indeed have colon cleansing ability (those nuclear type), sugar wun help.

Well, at least the taste is worth the risk.

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