Friday, August 13, 2010

Octa Hotel @ Parco Marina Bay

Don't be misled by the word "hotel" because you really can't pay and sleep in, expecting basic accommodation service.

Originating from Japan since 1989, this quaint French-inspired place gave the initial impression that it's a boutique selling quirky items ranging from flowery plates to jewellery to clothes. 

Only when you peeked in with cat-like curiosity that you realise there's a cafe in operation too!

We just had dinner at Keisuke Tokyo and it's about time we had some desserts!! Which, by the way, looked really mouth-watering in the pictures!

Here's what our stomachs took in that day!

Royal Milk Tea
At S$9.00 per cup, you can choose either honey or caramel.  Though the flavour was pretty distinctive, i still prefer my usual cup of teh (tea with milk) in the kopitiams.

Three Layered Cheesecake
Having had my fair share of cheesecakes, this was above average but not exceptional given the hefty price tag of S$8.80 for a slice!

The especially disappointing taste came from the bottom layer, which most of us known as the biscuit. It had a flaky, airy feel and tasted really off.

I would have gladly paid a lesser amount (a dollar cheaper) for a slice of rum and raisin cheesecake from The Cheesecake Cafe.

Cappucino Mushroom Soup
This was recommended and i wasn't disappointed!!!

Super particular when it comes to mushroom soup (having taken a lot of mushroom soups that just couldn't meet the cut), i found this milky concoction heavenly without being overly thick!

And the chunks of diced mushrooms were just a delight to have; chew and let the delightful fragrance of fungi fill up the mouth and slowly swallow them to have an orgasmic food experience.

I am sorry. I really LOVE mushrooms!!

What's soup without a piece of garlic bread?! Correction! This wasn't garlic! It was butter sprinkled with parsley! Damn nice!! According to mister love-loads-and-loads-of-bread-with-soup (Alex), it was the best he ever had! 

Chestnut Tiramisu
Another recommendation! I am reserving my comment on this since i frankly don't understand why tiramisu is so well loved by many!

The other three persons love this low fat version but to me, what's the best deal man!!!

Original French Toast
This was the highlight as the picture of this dish was the main reason of enticement for the gang of four.

At S$13.90, it's pricey and worth every cent! For one, there were so many not-cheap berries lor!!!!

Now coming to the taste review, this dish can be a bit sweet for those healthy freaks. However, it's unlike any other french toast i had.

The nearest thing that came to my mind when i took a bite was that of a bread pudding i ever had!


This is DECEIVING! God knows how many people have walked in and asked the rate for a room!

Looking like a typical key counter for the various rooms in a hotel, it is actually the receipt slot for the diners! The number corresponds with the table number you dine at!

9, Raffles Boulevard,
Millenia Walk, P1-39,
Parco Marina Bay.
(Not to be confused with Parco Bugis Junction or Marina Bay Sands)

Royal Milk Tea - S$9.00
Cheesecake- S$8.80
Mushroom Soup- S$11.90
Chestnut Tiramisu- S$10.50
Original Fresh Toast- S$13.90
Subject to 10% Service Charge and 7% GST. Plain water was dispensed at no additional cost.

Additional Information
With a seating capacity of 40, Octa Hotel cafe captures my attention with its decor that exudes a laid back, relax attitude that is totally me (or at least what i really wish to be)!

Don't ask me if it's the mood but i felt that the services i was given in Parco Marina Bay (be it Keisuke Tokyo, Octa Hotel or the shops) were extremely commendable! 

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