Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yu Kee Duck Rice (友记鸭饭) @ Yishun

Like most children, i hated any food that was either not brightly coloured (with exception for brightly green vegetables) or non deep fried in my innocent days!

One classic example satisfying the above conditions was braised products.

The dark, soil-coloured exterior really put me off initially........until my mom shoved a spoonful of dark coloured rice with an equally coloured duck meat into my mouth.

Though young, i found it to be damn delicious and since then, if i want braised duck rice, it has to come from Yu Kee. Nowhere else but Yu Kee (also known affectionally in my family as Ah Ba Yu)!

Drenching the rice and duck meat was a special braised sauce i strongly suspected to be the one reason for my repeated visits. It had that unbeatable herbal flavour that gave me cravings every now and then!

Another plausible reason must be the soil coloured soup; tasted like a watered-down version of the braised sauce!


Though Yu Kee has many branches in Singapore, my preference has always been the one i patronised since young. Right in the coffeeshop directly opposite Yishun MRT station.  

Block 744, Yishun Street 72.
There's only one coffeeshop in that block!

For a plate like the one i had above [with an additional braised egg (slice), tofu and peanuts], the price hovered between S$3.00 and S$3.50.

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