Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nice Snack Corner @ Yishun

Whenever people ask me if there are good food in Yishun, the Yishunian in me will always proudly say that there are tonnes of them.

That's the main reason why i will not likely move out of Yishun, despite the financial incapability at the moment!

Nice Snack Corner (aka 美點小食店) is, obviously, under the "good food" category.

Since my secondary school days (kaoz, more than 14 years ago!), this place has been a favourite haunt of mine and you will probably find me there every now and then.

A small coffee shop setting with make-shift tables and chairs, there are only three products for sale; hot/cold desserts, popiah and laksa! 

With a wide range of desserts for selection, you will be spoilt for choice! My sister will always order ice kacang but for me, it depends on mood and weather!

At times, it's ice chendol with its heavy use of coconut milk that is guaranteed to soothe any stressful emotion in a bad day!

I used to hate the ingredients of these cold desserts when i was young. Age really changes the hormones!!!

Ice jelly was another personal preference, especially when the weather is melting hot!!!! Oh, i forgot to mention why i like the desserts here!

One, for comparison, a bowl of ice kacang only costs S$1.20; two, it's not a small bowl; three, after all the good food in Yishun, this is a great finale to end a fulfilling meal!

Just having a bowl of dessert is not enough; we must have some side dishes to keep the mouth moving! Nothing too heavy, like a roll of popiah!

Before i tried the popiahs in Qiji, these were my favourite! Yum Yum.

Want to know about the laksa? Wait long long okay because i seldom have craving for laksa and with so much good food around, you might have to wait long long!


Block 928, #01-157
Yishun Central

There's another competitor next door so please be careful!

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