Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramen @ Keisuke Tokyo (Parco Marina Bay)

In celebration of Mr Kon's birthday, the gang of four had an original plan to try Tavolo in Parco Marina Bay.

The zero-diner statistics scared us so much we threw that plan away and had our dinner at Keisuke Tokyo (a ramen restaurant) instead.

Situated on the 3rd level called "Itadakimasu", this area has gained quite a following for Japanese cuisine lovers!

There wasn't a queue outside Keisuke although less than twenty steps away was another ramen restaurant with at least 12 persons patiently waiting outside!


Our hearts were not swayed for defection to that eatery..... not after seeing the numerous newspaper articles pasted at Keisuke's entrance (note: we did not read the articles though)!

Stepping into the restaurant, we were taken by surprise how classy it was! Not exactly the typical Japanese decor we expected!

Unlike most restaurants, they did not fully maximise the space to have more tables, hence resulting in a likeable clutter-free zone i prefer!

As we were not feeling that hungry, we had only the following:

Ebi Mayonnaise
Not impressive since i felt that the wasabi mayonnaise prawns from Seafood Paradise were much more delicious. At S$6.00 for 4 pieces, it was however a damn good steal!

Crab Stock Ramen
with Prawn Wanton

It's no secret i am a big fan of crabs!
This dish had only a slight hint of "crabby" flavour and as Kon aptly described; just like the thick, dark-sauced lor mee!!! Look at the noodles; the same type as the lor mee right?!!

I am no fan of lor mee.

The only consolation was the piece of pork that literally melted in my mouth!

Prawn Stock Ramen Special
with All Toppings

Served in a bowl that looked like a spaceship chair, the original broth came thick and savoury! I especially enjoyed the noodles!

The use of prawn stock may deviates from the usual pork stock used in most ramen restaurants but in Singapore where prawn stock is heavily used in soupy prawn noodles (hae mee), it does not come as a refreshing taste for most Singaporeans (like me).

The greenish pickle thingies were damn crunchy and a great side to have for every loud slurping of soup+noodles! 


9, Raffles Boulevard,
Millenia Walk, P3-02,
Parco Marina Bay.

(Not to be confused with Parco Bugis Junction or Marina Bay Sands)

Ebi Mayonnaise - S$6.00
Crab Ramen + Wanton - S$18.80
Prawn Ramen Special (Original) - S$19.00

Subject to 10% Service Charge and 7% GST. Free flow of plain water upon request.

Additional Information 
Food aside, service was fantastic, fabulous and many other similar words you can find in thesaurus.com!

In a nutshell, it was one of the best service i ever had in Singapore!!

Seeing that four persons ordered only two dishes, they took the initiative to provide us with four sets of peach-shaped plates, bowls and chopsticks!

There were other examples but nothing beats experiencing it yourself! Don't you think so? :)

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