Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice (天天海南鸡饭) @ Maxwell Food Centre

After a long hiatus, i am finally back in Maxwell food centre with a main objective to try possibly the most famous stall in Maxwell; Tian Tian Hainanese chicken rice.

Mr Kon never seems to get tired of the chicken rice from this stall and is a hundred percent adamant that it's the best in Singapore! 

For me, i tried Tian Tian around eight to ten years ago without much impression and have always preferred the steamed white chicken rice from Guan Gourmet House in Yishun! 

Of Course!
Cavin 10 years ago.. 
is not the Cavin 1 minute ago.

*For one, Cavin has gained more than 
10 kilograms over this period*

Enough on historical facts!

Have i ever mentioned i used to hate the "white" style, steamed chicken rice? Reason being the layer of whitish, fatty skin upon the meat. I would have loved the skin if it's deep fried or roasted though!

Removing that disgusting piece of skin, i popped the glistening meat into my mouth and gave that necessary bite...............

The meat was so tender and soft, the delicious meat juice did not required much, if any, chewing effort to reach my taste buds. 

This was no doubt, the best piece of steamed chicken i ever had in my whole life!!!!

Comparable to Guan, the rice was as palatable! Privately, i really love a bowl of steamed rice where the grains can be seen so distinctly from one another. 

Garlic chilli is a standard condiment for chicken rice and if you are a chilli lover, you would love this small saucer of hot hot hot chilli! 

Cavin is not a HUGE fan of chilli. 


After trying both Tian Tian and Guan within a two weeks period, it's difficult to say which is better. 

No question, Tian Tian has better tasting chicken. Guan, besides having boneless chicken (for the lazy eater) and achar (for that additional zesty flavour), has an additional advantage of being located in Yishun. 

Stall No.10 
Maxwell Food Centre

Need i explain more? 

Additional Information
The queue can be terribly long during meal times!!


  1. Is this the same Tian Tian in Joo Chiat?

  2. Yes (according to their website)! haha. I prefer the guan chicken rice in Yishun!


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