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Koongtung (Seafood on a Table) with Air-Conditioning! @ The Market Bangkok [Thailand] #themarketbangkok #koongtung

Alex can't forget the great meal we had at Holy Shrimp in Ratchada Train Market and he had his neck all stretched out to check out what diners had at this restaurant, with a similar concept, known as Koongtung when we were shopping at Bangkok's newest downtown mall; The Market Bangkok!

Koongtung is supposedly the first to bring in the Louisiana seafood dining style to Thailand back in 2015 and its popularity over the past four years can be attested from its expansion that reached seven branches as of now.

Seafood in a bag / on the table is as popular in Singapore and we even have the option of home delivery via Shi Fu Ge (食福閣)! It's, however, more common to have crabs as the star. I am therefore quite attracted to the black crab and lobster options at Koongtung!

Maybe the live lobster as they were heavily discounted at only 999 baht each!

Sadly, my companions were happy with just prawns and we eventually opted for the mixed seafood (comprising shrimp, river shrimps, clams, mussels and squids) with a top up of corn and a small portion of shrimps.

Here comes our food, in a paper container that reminded me of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It's important to have it though as it works as a trash bin for the shells later!

Our first bag; the shrimps!

The mouthwatering aroma as the shrimps swimming in Koongtung's original bang bang sauce were poured out onto our table. It was like a switch to the hungry ghost in our tummy as we couldn't help feeling we could do with more.

The luxurious mixed seafood; there's an option between crabs or squids but the crab is more the blue / flower crab species which my family doesn't like. Hence, we went with the squid.

Having tried Holy Shrimp just two days back, the comparison was easier for us. The sauce at Koongtung was more peppery, saltier; maybe we should have gotten a bowl of white rice!

There's one thing at Koongtung that impressed me so much; i would likely go back again the next time i am in Bangkok. It's this special green chilli dip which i enthusiastically used for all the seafood.

Garlicky, spicy with a touch of vinegarish sweetness; a perfect complement to the fresh seafood. Gosh, i am feeling hungry as i typed this out. Argh!

Gloves were provided even though i always feel that it's nice to eat with your bare hands! The problem would be the washing but there was a box of tissue paper and it's quite easy nowadays to procure wet wipes.

Service was good despite our language barrier. Alex actually complained about the prawns (top up that we had) which weren't fresh and they actually replaced a bag for us, at no cost!

Satisfied? Definitely!


111 Ratchadamri Rd, Khwaeng Lumphini,
Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330,
Bangkok, Thailand (Near Platinum Mall and Big C)

Location Map

As above.


As above.

Mixed Seafood - 499 baht
Corn - 25 baht
Shrimp (small) - 199 baht
(Subject to taxes)

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