Thursday, June 21, 2018

Boiled Corn near Sapporo TV Tower - Waste of My Calories @ Hokkaido [Japan]

It was a mad rush to Nijo Market as it would close in an hour or so but i couldn't help stopping in front of this stall next to Sapporo TV Tower when i caught a whiff of what was 'cooking'.

Hokkaido corn and it came in either grilled or boiled version. I know i just had a delicious ear of corn the day before at Sapporo Curb Market. However, it was my official last full day in Hokkaido and if i were to choose not to get any, i believe it would as a major regret! 

Purchased the boiled one so that i can savour its natural sweetness! Sadly, it didn't taste as good as expected; there wasn't much sweetness and the crunch, while in existence, didn't result in the burst of the popped corn. Alex took a bite and threw the entire thing back at me. 

For someone who didn't like to waste food, i literally finished the entire corn by myself. :( Not a food waster although it's definitely a waste of calories given that i could leave my stomach space for other, more worthy, Hokkaido fare. :(


Near Sapporo TV Tower,
Odori Park, Hokkaido, Japan

Boiled Corn - 300 yen

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