Friday, May 11, 2018

Raw Corn That's Sadly Microwaved @ at Sapporo Curb Market [Hokkaido, Japan]

A group of ladies surrounding a stall and munching on something would likely cause a nosy Singaporean to take a second look; and i did.

Noticing that they were having ears of corn, i peered towards the boxes of corn at the stall and they came with cut corn for sampling! Before i could silently grab a piece, the stall owner was a step faster and passed me one to try! 

They had that natural sweetness comparable to the raw sweet corn from Cameron Highlands and i didn't hesitate to choose the most expensive one that cost 280 yen (about S$3.50) since i thought i might as well try the best and it's not like it's S$10 a ear.

The affable stall owner gamely posing for the camera! 

And taking a photo with Alex too! I actually wanted to eat it raw but the owner insisted he would help us to microwave the corn at no additional cost! Due to the language barrier, it's hard to reject his kind request. :(

Served warm, it was still good although i feel that cooked corn just didn't elicit that kind of excitement i would have experienced with raw corn. 


A few stores away from Kyoei
Hokkaido, Japan

Look out for the above banners! I just checked google map (street view) and managed to find the store accurately with the above. 

Corn - 280 yen

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