Friday, June 08, 2018

Mae Noi Thai Food - A Hidden Gem at Bugis Street Market in Singapore

To be totally truthful, i assumed that the bugis street market opposite bugis junction was solely catered for the tourists and didn't even bother to check it out despite being a regular visitor to the bugis area!

Thanks to BakingLala, i was brought to the top level of the supposedly touristy market (there was a ton of manicure / pedicure salons) where a small dining area, with two stalls, existed. 

Even though i have been quite a big fan of the china-originated mala, Lala insisted i must try the thai food and i can see why; most of the tables had dishes of Thai food on them! 

Thai Ice Lemongrass - loving it as it was strong of lemongrass with a touch of ginger and unlike many Thai beverages, it's not insanely sweet!

Deep Fried Lemongrass Chicken Wing - this didn't quite make the cut as i couldn't discern the lemongrass in it! However, the skin was pretty crispy and if you could forgo the rather bland meat, i believe it might be good provided you get a saucer of thai chilli sauce from the counter.

Thai Green Curry Chicken with Rice - after my Phuket trip earlier this year, i frequently have craving for curry whenever i patronize a Thai stall / restaurant and while the consistency was thicker at Mae Noi Thai Food, it wasn't as memorable as what i had in Thailand. p.s. quite generous with the meat.

Thai Style Fried Omelet - i always mention about the thai omelet at Terminal 21's Pier 21 in Bangkok and although quality has dropped in my recent visit; the above one was in fact better than Pier 21 when it was still good!

An impressive crisp underside with a fluffy, oily middle! It was so delicious and i am now thinking if i should persuade my friends to lobo at bugis tomorrow, instead of the decided tiong bahru. 

Whacked up everything! I took a bite of BakingLala's tom yam seafood fried rice and it was surprisingly good. Shall keep that in mind the next time i visit (which could be tomorrow). By the way, you can opt for less spicy, more spicy or even non-spicy and the chefs would try their best to accommodate! 


3 New Bugis Street,
#03-38, Bugis Street Market,
Singapore 188867

Location Map

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Opening Hours
Mondays - Saturdays: 10.00 am to 9.00 pm
Sundays - Closed

Facebook Page

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Lunch Menu
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Thai Ice Lemongrass - S$1.80
Deep Fried Lemongrass Chicken Wing - S$1.60 a piece
Thai Green Curry Chicken with Rice - S$5.00
Thai Style Fried Omelet - S$6.00

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