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Daruma Honten Genghis Khan (Main Store) - Mutton BBQ in Sapporo [Hokkaido, Japan]

I was all out to ensure i chose the correct place for my 'last dinner' in Hokkaido and even though there were a few recommendations listed in my itinerary; it's hard to narrow down a decision!

Eventually, we opted for something different from the typical Japanese fare; Mutton BBQ (also known as Jingisukan) and i selected a well known restaurant currently ranked 10th on TripAdvisor and that's out of 9,296 restaurants in Sapporo!

Daruma Honten Genghis Khan (Main Store) - judging from the queue in front of the store, i think we can roughly gauge its popularity. However, it wasn't insanely long as compared to the epic queue we have in Singapore sometimes (think Man Man Japanese Unagi restaurant) yet i was in line for almost an hour.

Only when i was slightly nearer to the entrance that i managed to peek in and totally understood why the queue was moving so slowly! This original store, founded in 1954, had only seating for 15 persons!

Those who couldn't stand waiting might want to consider exploring three other branches which are all within walking distance. Do take note that seating capacity would also be limited; from 18 to 25.

Alex grinning from ear to ear as he was famished and we were finally at the head of the queue! With the alluring BBQ aroma dispersing out whenever a satisfied diner exited the restaurant, i can tell you that we couldn't wait to immerse outside in the smoky environment!

Finally! p.s. please do not do any shopping or bring in large bags as there's literally no extra space! I was lucky to be seated right at the end; for those in the middle, you would have diners walking in and walking out and having a big bag blocking the way can be a huge inconvenience!

Had smaller hangs? Make use of the hooks!

Charcoal powered BBQ and i am assuming it's some high quality charcoal as the smoke, though thick within the restaurant, wasn't choking and there were so many such 'urns' around the bar counter!

Originally wanting to try the special mutton cuts, i am saddened to hear from the sweet Japanese server that they were sold out as the restaurant was only open from 5pm and i would have expected the stock to last more than just a few hours.

Had to make do with their standard Mongolian barbecue set instead.

Since almost every diner had a mug of Kirin draft beer in front of them, i felt obligated to get one to wash down the oily content i was going to indulge in shortly! Didn't regret my choice as it was a perfect combination to barbecued meat!

Otoshi - a plate of pickled vegetables would be served as part of the culture for those who ordered alcoholic drinks. Please keep in mind that it would cost you 200 yen (before tax) and honestly, i could do without it as the lightly pickled vegetables can't be compared to our local achar or korean kimchi! Nevertheless, respect for the local culture is a must when one is overseas.

Our raw mutton - i was expecting some kind of marination but i looked left and right; conclusion, think it's really just plain meat. Now, i can be negative about this but serving non-marinated meat is a real test on its freshness! Hence, my only grouch was on the portion; not many slices of meat...

On the metal skillet which was oiled by a thick chunk of raw fat! I am a big lover of onions and really liked the fact that a generous amount was given.

Meat was about done, i think.

Throw it in the dipping sauce that's peppered with sesame seeds and take a bite. Hm...... i couldn't quite discern the freshness of the meat and it didn't help that i am not a great cook with a tendency to undercook / overcook my meat.

More on the skillet! By the way, although the meat was mutton, there's only a faint gamey taste towards the end that's barely noticeable! Alex didn't quite like it though and would rather spend his money on wagyu beef at Log House Wagyu Bibi Restaurant.

A new piece of fat; no, i didn't manage to eat the one that had oiled the skillet from the beginning and almost cursed the server from throwing the 'old' fat. :(

Waiting for the new 'fat' to be grilled to an 'edible' state.


Minami 5jo Nishi 4, Crystal Building 1F, 
Sapporo 064-0805 Hokkaido, Japan

Location Map
As above.

Operating Hours
5.00 pm - 3.00 am

As above

Mongolian Barbecue - 785 yen
Oolong Tea - 250 yen
Rice (Large) - 300 yen 
Pickled Vegetables - 200 yen
Draft Beer (Medium) - 500 yen
(Subject to Tax)

As above for your viewing pleasure. 

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