Monday, June 04, 2018

Busy With the Home Improvement Programme at my Parents Place - Start of Renovation! #hip #homeimprovementprogramme

I have been kind of busy with the home improvement programme (HIP) offered by Singapore's housing board which aimed to resolve maintenance issues faced by flats built before 1986; major of which would be a massive overhaul of the two toilets! 

While my own flat had already undergone the programme before i purchased it two years ago, it's not the case with my parents' flat as they only received the notification last year (i think) with work starting last Thursday.

There's a need for me to help out as we needed to clear so many things and most importantly, i had to put up plastic sheets so that the items are shielded from the dust and debris. To be honest, i am so glad i didn't have to go through the ordeal. 

It's extremely hard work to put up the sheets and as close friends would know, i am easily the clumsiest person in Singapore; it's a wonder i manage to survive for so long! 

Three hours; and my dad and i were only done with the kitchen, the master bedroom and the television console. We didn't even have enough plastic sheets to cover the big altar and the sofa set. It didn't help that the tapes didn't do a fantastic job sticking themselves to the wall tiles and ceiling!  

And given my age, it was back breaking! Compared to my 66-year dad, however, i think it's still safer for me to be on the ladder and high chair; despite my clumsiness. 

Purposely taking leave the next morning, i arrived at my parents' place after buying extra plastic sheets and tapes; only to realise that some sheets had dislodged and we had to re-tape them! After the trial and error the night before, we were much faster in taping the sheets with the stronger masking tapes recommended by the paint shop. 

Pity we were not as fast as the workers who quickly laid the flooring with protection and set up more plastic sheets (probed with poles) to protect our furniture; the sofa set was already cordoned off and i made the "executive" decision to just leave it "uncovered".

Dad giving a thumbs-up; hoping the minor renovation would proceed smoothly without any hiccup as the poor man has to take leave to 'jaga' the house. 

Anyway, just two pictures of the empty toilets; one in the kitchen and another in the master bedroom. Rare to see them so empty and definitely looking forward to their new 'look' in two weeks' time!


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Hi Cavin, did they change the old big pipes in both toilet?

    1. Not for my parents' flat; i understand it depends on the material that was used. For PVC (which is the case for my parents), there's no replacement. Check with the contractor's office for more details as things vary from area to area.

  2. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Where did you get the long poles that can push the plastic sheets to the ceiling?

    1. Those were provided by the contractor!


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