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Big Fish Small Fish (Halal Certified) - Loving the Potato Crisps @ Northpoint City Shopping Mall [Singapore] #bigfishsmallfishsg #northpointcity

The line of container bistros in Punggol generated quite a buzz in the food scene last year and this popularity has no doubt resulted in the potential branching for the most famous ones.

One of which is Big Fish Small Fish which ventured into the 'dangerous' yet happening town of Yishun with its first air-conditioned restaurant in the expanded Northpoint City! 

I am obviously ecstatic as it's much closer to home and the last time i was in Punggol, i didn't manage to have its signature fish and chips crisps as the number queue was crazily off the chart; like 90 minutes of wait or something. 

Order via the self-service kiosks and pay using your cards (credit cards, NETS, Ezlink etc); just like McDonald's nowadays! For traditional cash payment, please visit the manned counter next to the kiosks.  

My parents and Alex were already seated and while it's free seating; a queuing system might be imposed during peak mealtimes; i chanced upon one on a Saturday evening. 

When i first saw this roll of paper, i honestly had no idea what it would be used for. Thankfully, i took references from other diners and as it was dinnertime, i had many to take references for. 

Let me assure you that it's not a large roll of patterned toilet paper; one touch and you would notice it feels somewhat like baking paper! 

Usage - to be laid on your table and i found them to be extremely useful after the meal when we cleaned up the table! Shall show more at the end of the post.

In the meantime, let's attack the self-served counters!

Self-served doesn't equate to free flow; at least not for the drink dispensers except for water. Cups can be collected from the manned counter after you order and pay for the drink at the kiosk.

Highlight of the restaurant - the free flow dips and sauces! You can choose from favorites like chilli sauce, cheese, salted egg, mayo curry or conventional ones (i.e. tartar, XO mayo, tomato sauce).

Aside from using your hands (no free flow serviettes by the way), you can also take the plastic forks, spoons or knifes? Still prefer eating with the hands yet dislike the greasiness? You may consider the plastic gloves from the box next to the hanging sauce dispensers.

I didn't check out all the sauces / dips; if i recall correctly, the above are chilli sauce, tartar sauce, salted egg and curry mayo! No cheese as our family isn't big on cheese. p.s. curry mayo tasted like a thicker version of McDonald's curry sauce.

The TV screen above the self-served counters finally screened the number on my receipt and it's so satisfying to have all the crisps poured onto the grease-papered table! 

Seabass Rice - mom isn't a fan of western cuisine and it's so fortunate that big fish small fish offered mushroom rice offerings with either fried salmon / seabass! You know what? The mushroom rice is legit not bad and i actually initially thought it's just a gimmick to justify the high price. 

Coleslaw - fresh, chunky and crunchy; reminded me of the coleslaw in the good old kentucky fried chicken days more than 20 years ago. 

Dory Fish & Crisps - close friends would know i don't enjoy anything that's potato related unless it's sweet potatoes. However, the thinly sliced potato crisps from Big Fish Small Fish are irresistible and it's a literal walk on clouds when you dip them in the sauces! 

The comfortably sized deep fried dory - texture was solid and you know it's not the mushy kind that has the ability to get stuck in between your teeth. Very dangerous by the way as it can result in tooth decay if you don't floss your teeth correctly. 

*Crunch* The thin, crispy crust gave out that delightful sound and the next thing meeting my teeth was hot dory fish that remained moist to the bite! Oily? It's not dripping oil for sure and i must say its greasiness was managed well; in some places, the fried fish tasted kinda of disgusting after a while and it's not the same case here. 

Cleaning up was a breeze with the grease paper and the large paper cones that came with the best selling dory fish and crisps.

Just crumbled up the paper, squeeze them into the cones and throw them in the bins! Gosh, the table was so clean; to the extent that you wouldn't have guessed we were having delicious fish and crisps just a few moments ago!  


930 Yishun Avenue 2, 769098Northpoint City, 
South Wing #02-132, Singapore 769098
(across from Yishun MRT Station)


Usual Menu
As above.

Seabass Rice - S$11.90
Coleslaw - S$3.90
Dory Fish & Crisps - S$7.90
(Inclusive of GST)

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